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Accessibility and safety matters.
We can find the right servers for you.

Whether you want your data on an on-site server or hosted in a cloud, they need to be equally secure. Talk to us so we can advise you on which option would be the most economical and manageable way to keep your data both accessible and safe. 

On-site and hosted Servers

On-site Servers

Naples Digital installs and mnages servers for all sizes and business types. Call us today for a free network evaluation to see what type of server fits your business needs. 

Server 2019

Server 2016

Server 2012 R2


On-site Exchange Servers

Interested in having your own email server? Naples Digital installs and maintains onsite Exchange Servers. Protected in conjunction with our Managed Firewalls and Managed IT services rest assured your data will be secure and backed up. 

Terminal Servers

Remember the days of Citrix? Naples Digital can help upgrade your business to the latest Terminal Server. We use Microsoft Server combined with Microsoft Terminal Server/ RDWeb Services. This allows your company and employees access the company Server from anywhere in the world. Full access to Applications such as Office, Quickbooks, File Server and much more. 

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