Design and Management

Certified Ubiquiti Network Installer
Managed Network Controllers and Firewalls 
Managed Switches and Access Points

Network design and infrastructure that goes beyond just setup.

We know that networks need to withstand a lot of traffic and be flexible enough to grow with your business. We don’t just design and install networks but rather become your partner in managing it and making sure we catch problems before they become costly issues for you.

On-site and hosted Servers

Certified Ubiquiti® Network Installer

Naples Digital is a Certified Unifi Network Enterprise Administrator

Managed Network Controllers and Firewalls

Unlike older wireless equipment, new enterprise grade systems allow you to manage all of your Firewall, Switches and access points from a single controller. This is incredibly useful as your managed WiFi provider can oversee the wireless performance at all of your business locations from a single, easy-to-read interface. Additional network management tools, like firewalls and gateway controllers, allow for even deeper reporting. Gain a better understanding of which business applications and users consume the most bandwidth. Even evaluate the overall performance of your Internet service provider. Perhaps you don’t have enough bandwidth or maybe you’re paying for too much. Most traditional IT providers don’t really know how to determine this, but a managed WiFi provider, Unifi Networks installed by Naples Digital, has the tools and knowledge to figure it out.


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